The real back-up, Abs.

ABIGAIL.MARCELO.22 y/o.I hate double crossing spoiled kids who loves hearing good things about themselves and can still afford to do random sh*ts to others.I love walking by myself with my earphones plugged onto my ears.I love architecture and house's furniture.If you're reblogged, you're loved.

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Permalink Happy Birthday Mommy! MEDYO malapit kana magkadiscount! 🎉🎉🎉 (at Spectrum, Fairmont Hotel Makati)
Permalink Perks. #Dubai #Kuyaduties
Permalink Obstacles indeed. 👏
Permalink At magandang umaga rin sayo Daang Hari! #daanghariyourface 😡 (at Daang Hari Alabang)
Permalink She happens to be my human couch.
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Permalink HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLEN COCO!!! 🎉🎉🎉 @emmacarayan
Permalink Spent our moolahs in hulog-coin machine like a child that we are. 😜 #timezone #foreverkidsatheart #kuyaproblems  (at Timezone Alabang Town Center)
Permalink No iron-iron and blow dry ang peg earlier. Proud of you, hair!
Permalink Oh how I just love Fridays… 🍴 (at Café Mary Grace)
Permalink Daddy and seafoods don’t blend well together. 👨 #YUSerious (at The Boiling Seafood)
Permalink Hell…Hell everywhere. 💦😲 #Ohmypoorbladder (at Filinvest, Alabang)